Friday Thoughts

Jul 24, 2009, 3:33 PM |

Wow its been a long is still for sale darn it gotta go work on it for this last weekend open house with this agent...time for more powerful agent before the summer window closes..who buys a house in winter anyway. Chess is going well, learning from the associations and friends. The choice to start a group took a while in coming but has really born fruit in the way of new friends, exciting chess and meeting and connecting with the founder of whom I admire and respect.

I started playing chess960 recently. My friends have asked to play and it seems interesting and different..takes more head least initially and I have not won a game as of yet...keep trying. One thing a friend told me was to keep control of the center of board in opening same a regular chess. And take time with your moves. So much fun its becoming slowly half the games i play. Go chess960!

Reg chess...hmmm I have taken the time to study and learn the openings..they are coming to me as I play. One thing though I learned recently from super players is if you are white keep that advantage long as you start first, have the position and can be free to plan an attack from the outset. Black on the other hand starts in a position of defense. Trying to change this up is possible, takes a bad move from white but is usually best to stay in your mode until a clear opening shines forth. i am keeping this in mind as I play and makes me a patient player. Watching the some of the classic excellent players I see common plays of defense and watching some long enough I gain some knowledge on forks and the defense of them.

happy friday, its summer I love chess and the people here..long live and this great blog function they haveCool