Happy Friday! another week

Jul 31, 2009, 12:05 PM |

Well this week has been exciting so far. Chess is going ok, meeting more people winning less cause I have decided to play more players better than myself. Its ok getting beat especially when its a lady, with good conversation fun interests and a better mind than mine at chess. Learning from  folks and making new friends and connections is what chess.com is all about.

Printing is what I do for a living while playing chess of course. And print is GOOD these days. The conversion from offset to digital is moving along well. A lot of clients are turning to four-color printing since the prices have moved down so much. Long Live Print!

The house listing has been pulled and the agent (one of print customers) has been fired, Just couldn't get the job done in the time I was thinking. Two offers, one ratified contract that did not close and they want me to lower the price and do what I can to help them sell. Who's money are they playing with? Soon as this happened the vultures stepped in..got calls this morning from high sales agents in my area and meetings scheduled over weekend and Monday to get it back on market and sold soon...time to get on with my vacation and time away from all the wonderful people and things around me (kidding).

Happy Friday, beach time if you can get:-)