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I am back

I am back

Nov 16, 2009, 8:05 PM 1

Where was I what did I do...the long and short of it is I took a vacation lived on the beach in so calif for two and half weeks. When got tired I too the "Coast Startlight" amtrac home. Spent a night in LA hotel that can only be told personally and made my way back to the bay area to find a place to live.  I have done that and now live 6 blocks from the pacific ocean. In a way I moved from where you can see the sun come up in the morning to now where you so the beautiful sunsets over the vast blue ocean. No internet at home quite yet but its taking shape just fine.

The trip involved lots of sports, sun and fun. I found myself in the middle ofa surf competition in San Diego met up with some  beach bums and lived in the sand (gets in everything). Glad to be home. Back at printing and living again. Up for a game anytime. Thanks for reading and my best to you and yoursSmile

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