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It is Sold

It is Sold

Jul 3, 2009, 10:42 AM 2

The summer of my planning is here. I have sold (not closed yet) my house. Its a very stressful time but one in which closure, new beginings and life changes happen. One of my changes was the creation of the Social International Chess group. Its been wonderful to reach out and connect with people on other groups on here. Years ago I played sports (baseball, tennis, racketball). During last life change I moved from sports to officiating sports (umpire) and chess. Now I take a break from most activitites to pack the memories of 21 years in same place and move to something way smaller and more managable by myself. Kids are gone or soon to be and I will be on my own again (pre-kids, pre-wife, deceased)  and making a new life in the process. Chess and my business (On The Mark Printing)will remain as my focus getting through this time. I have high hopes for sucess being free from raising kids (by self), managing a home and caring for those around me. It is Time to care for myself. Vacation is coming soon. 30 days on a southern calif beach by self, no cell, no responciblities..just the time to process all that was and soon all that will be. Chess will be the one thing I will find a way to stay connected to.

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