Here is my feeble attempt at poetry and my city. I love ocean and sea. Here is my first attempt


Pacifica my new city. 

The water is blue-white

was such a fight to get where its right!

Linda-Mar is the place

Where sand and sea touch scratch my  face

and San Pedro where my trace

has taken me to this special place

High on the hill, I feel the oceans loud chill

to the cove the surfers go as they climb down below

and Bingo! They have hit the lotto as the wave go go go

Pacifica is a fun town where its ok to be a clown

In the Fogfest shindig, we laugh and play

The cliffs slide they go away

by earths rule, Pacific's a jewel of place with

oceans roar and mountains lore.

Highway 1 adorns the coast to Pacifica's core.

Come to the shore, Pacifica's got it more

Fun sand and sea, mountains nature coolly be.

This is the place for me oh the sand and sea