Red Light California Ticket Fight

Red Light California Ticket Fight

Sep 22, 2010, 3:37 PM |
Follow up here...LA has began removing the cameras. They are trully wrong
and this is the first big city to ackowledge it. Thank you LA city council for having
the sense our constitution gave us!

Follow up!!! I have been found NOT Guilty. This made my day but also says in some way I am right the rule of law in this country is based on a camera convictiing you its based on good accurate and ethical police work. Daly City seems to have that lost on them. There has not been a new installation in California in 19 months and now we know why...THEY ARE ILLEGAL!



Thought I share this with you.....the following is from a letter I wrote to the attorney and friends who helped get to this point in a trial I initiated. In it I argued hard and loud, making every argument under the sun. It appears something resonated with the judge and I will hear soon. This is how a trial goes in America when you do something wrong and the camera says to human has seen the crime only a computer and camera is telling to charge people. Kind of hard to fight your accuser this on it was an interesting time in the world of justice Californian north San Mateo County way :-) HERE IT'S a $500.00+ TICKET     

Let's sound off we like red light cameras? Do you have them in your life? How do you feel when a machine tells you that you broke the law pay me?


Hello and hope you are well. Just finished the trial part of the case today. The outcome was anti-climatic but I was allowed a very passionate and patriotic closing statement about the rule of law, unwarranted search, undue taxation, hearsay rules of evidence, Officer Chou employment charging the citizen and visitors of Daly City, taxes pushed and more....twelve minutes of closing statement was allowed and the judge wrote furiously during whole oratory. In the end she took both packets into submission and told me she will render a finding (ruling) in about 30 days. She said there was a lot of reading she had to do both my five cases and others. She took the internet page with all active cases in Calif currently working through courts 30+ cases as well. Was glad to see it admitted alone with my highway robbery article and my own writings. The officer chose not to review these docs. 

 The trial was 100 minutes and was very civil and ordered, I was the last case of the calendar. Started with comments by judge and then I was allowed to argue my reasons for exclusion...6th amendment, Khalid decision about hearsay, conflict of interest, 5th amendment probability with sign affidavit and lack of real and proper foundation to the evidence. Once admitted the officer went over his qualifications and the actual crime committed. I asked the officer 20+ questions concerning the evidence and its manufacture. The officer got flustered a few times and twice the judge stopped me and asked the officer the question for me in her own words. At one point with her clarification I mouthed the words thank you to her and she smiled broadly. Was nice eye contact in the middle of trail and made me feel I had something in my arguments but still not sure what it is.

In the end I felt I had my day/say in court, the judge was respectful, interested, listening and attentive writing the whole time. She answered each objection clearly but three of them with the works "for now". I asked her what that meant...continuance or submission. She said I passed at one point on a continuance for the logs and records of the machine. Opps but I wanted to get it all submitted today and not have to come back unless I appeal. She took every piece of paper I had on the case from internet posts/sites to cases printed (5 of them) to a printed sheet I showed Deepa before that outlined my reasoning for each objection. She wanted to see everything before ruling.  I am encouraged there is more to the case and also aware of other San Mateo county cases working there way through her system aside from mine. Got that in a previous case today. So there are some issues for the judge to consider only she knows which issues I presented she needs to study. Very glad I have her thinking and smiling. Told me that I will get a one line finding. No opinion or written text to explain her decision and that I can appeal (conviction) if necessary. Its funny though if she dismisses its over, had my day in court and won. If she convicts I will probably pay the fine and move on. The police force does not have an appeal to dismissal. Sure to be interesting when the ruling comes I will let you know. Keeping my fingers crossed and knocking on wood. Finally I believe fully the "rule of law" for our land. My respect for it intact and seeing it in action today has been a good experience I hope not to repeat any time soon.

Thank you for your support and help during this phase.

 Sam Pinfold
On The Mark

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