Chess diary 17/1 (+1)

Although two of those victories were defaults, so really it's -1.

I've decided to divide my losses, with "amber" mistakes meaning missing a two-move combo and "red" mistakes meaning a one-move oversight.

Of my five losses, one was an amber (knight fork) mistake in 2/1 in an Alekhine defence, followed by another amber loss (back rank mate) in the French. I was beaten in two Rossolimos today -- really need to study it more. The first was being throttled in an endgame in which I was first penetrated by the rook then king -- this was another amber mistake when I missed the simple Re1 to draw -- and the second was being crushed in 25 moves after I tried to start a clumsy Najdorf-like attack. I played a patzer move h3 when c4 was necessary and submitted to a strong attack. It is fair to say that my ignorance of the theory led to my downfall. In the final game I was crushed in a Kan-like formation by a much stronger player. My favourite game today was also my favourite trap, in the Levenfish. I made a succession of strong moves and never let go the initiative.

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