Chess diary 5/1 (+1)

Today I did a bit of tactics, reviewed the Tarrasch and KID variations, and played several interesting games against Carson. I've decided to adopt a system of five games a day, three rated and two unrated, the three rated in a single live category and the two unrated in separate categories. I played an error-strewn game against the Smith-Morra gambit in 10/0 which I won on time though badly losing. The e5 push when defending against the S-M seems key. In the rated 2/1 games, I won what I felt was a fairly comfortable game in the KID, then missed TWO mate in ones playing an exciting Tarrasch defence before losing to a back-rank mate -- do not do the f4 push before Nf3 in the closed Tarrasch, however tempting! -- and won by sheer fluke in a limpid Najdorf -- must study more Najdorf games as played by tal with a4.

My favourite game was the unrated 15/10 played against Carson. It contains remarkably few errors, and was such an exciting experience I almost passed on a delicious spread in order to enjoy it! (In the end, I simply took a two-minute break to load my plate with as much as possible).

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