decisive match

CM stepanosinovsky
Oct 16, 2013, 3:47 AM |

Hello everyone !

Do you want to win the Champions League ?

There is such a situation :

Here's a team Zenit St.Peterburg :

Here's the Champions League Premier Division

Here's the last unbegun match with Dynamo Kiev . match will start on October 22 !

Zenith has a unique chance to become champion , but without the support of foreign players and gain before the decisive match, this would be impossible.

So: We are inviting all players with a rating of 1800 + and 2000 + to particularly support us .

Only 2 online games give you a chance to win the Champions League ! In my opinion a great offer !
Your support would be much appreciated
one condition - in this season a player must not have played for no other team in the league.

Join and together we will win !

Best regards . Stepan .