Yep. Im the guy who won against Magnus Carlsen

    • Play like Nakamura

      Hi guys!Can you play like Hikaru in todays fun blitz game on ? As usually I  watched it live. and enjoyed very much!Some recent Posts:Just niсe and simple gameBeautiful trickHou Yifan missed a win against CaruanaCarlsens brilliant... | Read More

    • Best chess commentary ever

      Hy guys Yesterdays commentary of Carlsen - Naiditsch tie-break at GRENKE Chess Classic - it was beyond brilliant. It was the piece of the best chess commentary in history. Nigel Short, Jan Gustafsson, Peter Heine Nielsen, Fabiano Caruana, Levon... | Read More

    • Carlsens brilliant press conference

      Have you watched it live ?I did and I really enjoyed itHalf an hour of Magnus in a good mood speaking about chess, players, and making live commentary of others games )  Other interesting Posts:Hou Yifan missed a win against CaruanaBeautiful t... | Read More

    • Hou Yifan missed a win against Caruana

      Hi GuysTata Steel Rd9. Caruana - Hou Yifan.How missed a win :(. Although it was not easy to findHere are some variations. Latest Posts:Beautiful trickJust niсe and simple gameHow I defeated Magnus Carlsen Click HERE to add me as a friend ... | Read More

    • Beautiful trick

      HI allI would like to share some beauty with you today )) Did you like it ?Dont hesitate to share chess beauty you know in comments )another post:How I defeated Magnus CarlsenClick HERE to add me as a friend to stay in touch with me and fol... | Read More

    • Just niсe and simple game

      HII would like to share one nice game I just won Thats it. I hope you will like it ))another post:How I defeated Magnus CarlsenClick HERE to add me as a friend to stay in touch with me and follow this blog.  | Read More

    • How I defeated Magnus Carlsen

      Hi guys.                                     THIS POST IN RUSSIANHere is my story. I got really Lucky!Lucky I even was able to play against Magnus lucky that Magnus did not played his best. Lucky that the game developed the way... | Read More

    • Как я выиграл у Магнуса Карлсена

      Всем привет!                                       Напишу по горячим следам как я выиграл в сеансе одновременной игры у чемпиона мира. Для мен... | Read More

    • Very nice Puzzle

      Привет друзья!Попрбуйте решить не двигая фигур.Сколько времени вам понадобилось ?Я получил большое удовольствие, когда получилось )Hi gu... | Read More

    • My favorite examples from tactics trainer! 4

      HI allYou are welcome to chek some more of my favorite examples from tactics trainer.1. Unexpexted 2. Geometrick 3. hard one Please tell me if you like this kind of stuff!My favorite examples № 1My favorite examples № 2My favorite exampl... | Read More