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    • Overconfidence is the enemy

      I've been pretty happy with my chess development recently. So happy in fact, that I've been very cocky in recent games. I've been taking people lightly and presuming I will be able to get myself out of bad situations, rather than not getting in th... | Read More

    • Numbers and letters

      So I had my first competitive match last night. The biggest difficulty I had was recording the moves. I'm not a stupid guy, but the amount of times I was going through the alphabet while looking at ranks was embarassing. I had to correct some of m... | Read More

    • My first competitive match

      How to start your first blog is a tricky thing, so I'm just going to ignore it and move on to the thing that's causing me sleepless nights, my first competitive match.   I've been playing chess seriously for about 6 months now and have complete... | Read More