Overconfidence is the enemy

I've been pretty happy with my chess development recently. So happy in fact, that I've been very cocky in recent games. I've been taking people lightly and presuming I will be able to get myself out of bad situations, rather than not getting in the bad situations in the first place.

I've decided that this mindset is the enemy. A new focus for me is consistency, less chess at work when the boss isn't looking, and more dedicated time spent learning and improving at the board.

Having said all that I did just get out of a really bad situation with a lovely win, more luck than judgement but still very satisfying.

Comments and tips are more than welcome.


  • 4 years ago


    Sometimes, Felixtony doesn't realize how amazing he really is.  Then, he destroys some fool on the chess board and remembers.

  • 4 years ago


    I used to play a lot of poker, and the number one rule I had was "Make the other person make the decision". I'm finding the same to be true of chess. It's easy to feel underconfident if you are always reacting to the other player. Make your opponent pick between a few candidate moves, he/she will feel less confident if you show them something they haven't considered before.

    That's what I do anyway. Better to take a risk and probably lose than to not and definitely lose.

  • 4 years ago


    my problem is underconfidence

  • 4 years ago



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