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    • Analyzing My Games #4

                     This game was played in round 3 of quad #27, and was the only game I played the week of January 21-27. For instructive purposes, I’d much rather analyze one of my losses than one of my wins, but I do believe there is somet... | Read More

    • Analyzing My Games #3

                  The following game was played in round 4 of the Slow Swiss #2 tournament. My opponent was rated a little over 150 points higher than me, and I was expecting a tough game. We had previously met at the board twice before in quad #1... | Read More

    • Analyzing My Games #2

                            This game was played in the first round of quad #27. It lasted for 3 hours and 15 minutes and was 75 moves long. With a game that long, there were a lot of mistakes to go over afterwards. Tactics, of course, ... | Read More

    • Analyzing My Games #1

      I used to think that analyzing my own games was some godly process where brilliant revelations were reached after a rigorous examination of every single move had been done. It was like I thought that the analysis itself was done for its own purpos... | Read More