Analyzing My Games #2

                      This game was played in the first round of quad #27. It lasted for 3 hours and 15 minutes and was 75 moves long. With a game that long, there were a lot of mistakes to go over afterwards. Tactics, of course, were still the deciding factor. I made quite a few blunders (the last of which allowed my opponent to draw in what was a completely lost position) and made even more inaccurate and passive moves.  Even some of the blunders I made could have been avoided if I had just looked for a more active move. Despite the fact that I still make frequent errors in calculation, this principle alone could have helped lead me to some of the correct moves in these situations. In the future, I need to try to focus on putting my pieces on more active squares.

 Also, I need to play for simple advantages when they present themselves, and not unnecessarily complicate the position hoping my opponent will blunder before I do. In this game, there were several instances were I could have won material or furthered my plans in a much simpler way than I did. I believe these things, combined with my horrible endgame play, caused me to draw a game I should have won. I have to give a lot of credit to Eternal_Patzer for fighting this one out with me to the bitter end. When fatigue was setting in (for both of us I’m sure) he held on, and played much better than I did. Here is our game:    


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    First, you must analyze this endgame the best you can then check with the computer, but check if your idea/ideas are right (not if they are the best). Secondly you must know how easy/difficult is win any ending. For example this ending is quite tricky because the lost of a pawn is drawish i mean K+n+p vs k+N is almost always a draw.

    Good books, i'm going to search in my personal library and  i'll select the best books for you. 

    But the most important part is find your own way to win (the ideas to win , more than the moves), endings tend to be more schematic except for very concrete endings.

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    yeah, the critical thing to take away from this game is was how poorly i played in the ending. you're right, i couldn't figure out the right set up for the king and knight to work together. i think i've always had a little more trouble in the endgame and it's definitely something that i'm trying to work on. Any suggestions on books i should read or anything else i could be doing to improve at this?

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    I think study this knights ending will improve your play.  I think your mistake was  that you couldn´t find (imagine??) the right set up for the knight and king to work together. Iguess With the knight on h5 is the best  option and then ry to go with the king  using the "e" file.

    If i was you i will try to make improvements in your position , step by step.

    Good work.

    and thx for your comments about my game against EyeAm.


    Keep going.

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