Your Fish Just Isn't That Good: What is StockfishDev?
Stockfish contains multitudes.

Your Fish Just Isn't That Good: What is StockfishDev?


Hello everyone! This is less a post and more a collection of fun links. 

The Stockfish project usually releases a new version (Stockfish 8, 9, 10) after about 50 Elo of improvement. But in the meantime, there is constant updating and patching and testing. So while your HomeFish sits unchanged for months, there is a 'development' version of Stockfish constantly improving. Usually we call it SFdev. Versions are numbered by DDMMYYYY, so today's is 15092019. These are all possible to download so that you have the strongest engine possible.

One disclaimer- rarely a bugged version of SFdev is built that leads to huge Elo loss. But that just adds to the excitement!

I could write a long post about the development process, but you're honestly better off just exploring a bunch of links.

So here they are. Enjoy!

You can track the improvement history of Stockfish at NCM:

The update testing framework is called FishTest:

Development discussion happens at FishCooking:!forum/fishcooking

All the latest updates and releases are here:

And that's sort of it! Have fun and thanks for reading!