ANUNNAKIS:  Those from Heaven to Earth came.

ANUNNAKIS: Those from Heaven to Earth came.

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Those from Heaven to Earth came.

About an advanced giant human race millions of years ahead of us in technology, Like a Starwars Movie with beam weapons, and aircrafts. They come from an undiscovered tenth planet, Nibiru, in our solar system way past pluto, that has an elongated orbit that goes way past pluto and enters the inner solar system between mars and jupiter in a reverse rotation every 3600 years. How they came here thousands of years ago and gave birth to humanity here on Earth. Because of their long planet circuits around the sun, they have a very long life. So advanced in technology people here knew them as gods and lords when they would come back on their celestial chariots. The Anunnaki are human and believe in a god they call The Creator of All.

THE ANNUNAKI ARE KNOWN IN THE KJV OF THE BIBLE AS THE ANNAKIM (Hebrew), in Deuteronomy 1:28-2:10, 11, 21. 9:2  Joshua 11:21,22 and 14:12,15. And also KNOW AS THE SONS OF ANAK in NUMBERS: 13:22,28,33;  DT: 9:2; JOSHUA 15:13,14; 21:11; and JUDGES 1:20   CHECK IT OUT FOR YOUR SELF blue is chapter numbers.

The beginning, how the solar system formed with the sun first, then Tiamat (old mother earth), Kingu, Tiamats moon her main satellite. Out of Tiamat came Mercury a messenger, the celestial couples Venus and Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, Neptune and Uranus, Then the Celestial Battle from deep space Nibiru came. It made Neptune bow to Nibiru(90degree axis). Saturn(Anshar) had a moon Gaga(Pluto) by her side and Nibiru pulled it out sending it forth as an emissary (the 9th planet) taking other moons with it. From the creator a moon of Nibiru strikes Tiamat in two. Now locked in an opposite orbit returns and smashes one half of Tiamat to bits stringing it around the sun. The Hammered Bracelet as a reminder of the celestial battle. The other half New Earth with its golden veins moved to its new position keeping Tiamat's moon. (the tablets description is way more beautiful in detail of everything). The Upper Waters, The Hammered Bracelet, The Lower Waters. 

This story is from the earliest known civilization Sumerian Tablets thousands of years old. It is told in great detail like your in a movie. Many people have their own opinions of who the Anunnaki is and their purpose, could be this that. But what if i could tell you the story Told from an Anunnaki himself word for word. I saw youtubes of translations of Sumerian Tablets and found the book of the Tablets with the entire history scribed by a master scribe Endubsar (like Moses) chosen, and for 40 days and 40 nights scribed the words from an Anunnaki himself word for word quote"not one word missed not one word added" THE LOST BOOK OF ENKI - Tablets of the Anunnaki, made of sky blue Lapis Lazuli stone, placed in a Acacia wood chest inlaid with Gold outside (Like the Ark of the Covernant) 

About Nibiru the tenth planet. (The
Prior Times)

The Anunnaki begining talks about their planet reddish in radiance. its volcanoes on the planet that belch and help form their atmosphere. The inner heat keeps the planet like a warm coat in its cold period away from the sun. The atmosphere shields the planet from the suns scorching rays when in the close hot period. Their atmosphere holds and release rain giving rise to streams and lakes sustains all life and lush vegetation. The people some in the valleys some in the mountains make their abodes. The 3600 year orbit circuit they call a Shar. 

As they spread across their planet, there were clashes. clans formed tribes, then two great Nations faced each other. The nation of the north vs the nation of the south. What was held by hand to thrusting missiles turned. A war, long and fierce engulfed the planet, brother against brother, there was death and destruction both north and south. For many circuits desolation across the land, all life was diminished. 

Then a truce was declared, then peacemaking was conducted. Let the Nations be united. let there be one king on Nibiru to reign over all. Let a leader from north and by south by lot be chosen. If he be from north, let south chose a female to be his spouse as equal queen to reign along side. If by lot a south male be chosen, let the norths female be his spouse. Husband and wife to become as one flesh. Let their first born son be the successor. a unified dynasty to be formed, unity on Nibiru forever to establish! In the midst of the ruins, peace was started, north and south by mariage were united. 

The first king after peace was made was a warrior from the north by lots true and fair was chosen. A mighty commander, with strong arm order in the lands he reestablished. Laws and regulations he decreed. Governors for each land he appointed, restoration and reclamation were thier tasks. He built a new city, the canals he repaired, food for the people he provided. there was abundance in the lands. For his royal title AN was his name.The celestial one was its meaning. 
For his spouse the south a maiden had chosen. Antu was her royal title. The leader who is AN's spouse was its meaning 

Through the Dynasties of the kings on Nibiru, the king Enshar 6th king in his dynasty there was less abundance in the lands. It was colder in the cold period and hotter in the hot period in the planets circuit orbit. It was discovered there was a breach in the atmosphere,(like a hole in our ozone layer). The volcanoes that feed their atmosphere was belching less. It caused many people to be infertile and not able to have children. The royal queen did not have children and a son was born from a kings concubine. DuUru was his given name. Later his Queen found a baby boy left at the palace gates and raised him to be successor. His name was Lahma. Not of royal blood and feeble in not knowing what to do. 

The council discovered two things to try and heal the breach in the atmosphere. One was to use nuclear missiles to the volcanoes to make them belch, and the other was a metal. Gold was its name into the finest powder was the only thing that would suspend in the atmosphere and try and heal the breach. 

In the royal court Princes were agitated. Of not gaining the throne through royal blood. At the king accusations were directed. Foolishly, unreasoning, greater calamities instead of cure he brought forth! of rebellion there was much speaking. 
A prince in the royal palace was the first to take up arms. 
By words of promise, the other princes he agitated; 
ALALU was his name. 
Let Lahma be the king no more! he shouted. Let decision supplant hesitation! 
Come, let us unnerve the king in his dwelling; let him the throne abandon! 
The princes to his words gave heed; the gate of the palace they rushed; 
To the throne room, its entrance restricted, like onrushing waters they went. 
To the tower of the palace the king escaped; Alalu was him pursuing. 
In the tower there was a struggle; Lahma fell down to his death. 
Lahma is no more! Alalu shouted! 

Alalu was judged weather to be the next king and Another prince stepped forward to challenge. 
ANU was his name. A descendant from AN's 3rd son Enuru. Both of royal blood it was decided that Alalu would be king, Anu's son and Alalu's daughter would be successor to the throne. 

THE JOURNEY TO EARTH the olden times 
For nine counted periods Alalu was king on Nibiru. 
In the ninth Shar, Anu gave battle to Alalu. 
To hand-to-hand combat, with bodies naked, Alalu he challenged. Let the winner be king, Anu said.They grappled with each other in the public square; door post trembled and walls shook. Alalu bent his knee; to the ground he fell on his chest. 
Alalu in combat was defeated; by acclaim Anu was hailed as king. 
Anu to the palace was escorted; Alalu to the palace did not return. 
From the crowds he stealthily escaped; of dieing like Lahma he was fearful. 
Unbeknownst to others, to the place of the celestial chariots he hurriedly went. 
Into a missile-throwing chariot Alalu climbed; its hatch behind him he closed. 
The forepart chamber he entered; the commander's seat he occupied. 
That-Which-Shows-the-Way he lit up, with bluish aura the chamber filling. 
The Fire Stones he stirred up; their hum like music was enthralling. 
The chariot's Great Cracker he enlivened; a reddish brilliance it was casting. 
Unbeknownst to others, in the celestial boat Alalu from Nibiru escaped. 
To snow-hued Earth Alalu set his course; by a secret from the Beginning he chose. 

Alalu journeys to Earth the rumored planet of gold, on the way describing the beauty and colors of the planets he passes. He blasts through with missiles the Asteriod belt called the Hammered Bracelet, like a guardian of the inner solar system described. Landed abruptly he puts on an Eagles helmet and fish suit. Later tests the air and still waters and is happy its compatible. He beams the news back to Nibiru his find, to save their atmosphere and try to regain the throne. 

Anu to verify sends his son Ea (Enki) and fifty heroes to earth, Ea- Enki an advanced inventor uses water jets to blast through the Hammered Bracelet. Needing more water for fuel they see at the time Lahmu (Mars) at that time had water rivers But insuficient air, went there so their celestial chariot can suck up water to continue to Earth. 

Upon arrival Enki establishes Eridu in the Edin in seven days making the seventh day a rest day. Later Anu sends his son Enlil, Enki's brother. 

Anu himself goes to Earth to make decisions and before returning back to Nibiru is challenged again by Alalu to battle. Again Anu wins. But Alalu a sore loser rises up pulling Anu's legs down and bit off Anu's male hood swallowing it. Alalu Later having an infection in his innards. 

Alalu is judged by seven and is exiled to Mars with the pilot Anzu. Anzu's request to stay with him till his death and bury him making a name for himself. With eagles helmets and fishes suits they were provided. With food and tools they were supplied. 
Soon Anu's daughter Ninmah(Ninharsag) a medical officer goes to Earth and on the way stops at Mars and finds Anzu has just died. She uses a pulsar and emitter sixty times and revives Anzu. Ninmah sees Alalu who was king of Nibiru a pile of bones in a cave of a great mountain. 

They the cave's entrance again with stones covered; 
The image of Alalu upon the great rock mountain with beams they carved. 
They showed him wearing an Eagle's helmet; his face they made uncovered. 
Let the image of Alalu forever gaze toward Nibiru that he ruled, 
Toward the Earth whose gold he discovered! (The Face On Mars) 

Enki, Enlil, and Ninmah, are the 2 sons and Daughter of the King ANU. 
Enki's 6 Sons - Marduke, Ningishzidda(
Quetzalcoatl), Nergal,Ninagal, Gibil,Dumuzi. 

Enlil's 3 Sons - Ninurta, Nannar, ishkur. 
Nannar's son and daughter, Twins - , Utu and inanna. 

Asar, Satu - They are Marduke sons. 
Horon (horus) seed of Asar defeats Satu for asars death. 
Nabu- Marduke 3rd son. 
Gilgamesh a king, son of Banda a descendant of Utu and mother seed of enlil. 

Ningishzidda later to Earth humans called THOTH/
Quetzalcoatl or Qua is also Enki's son. 

Ningishzidda (Quetzalcoatl) is also highly skilled in genetic DNA engineering, designing of the Pyramids of giza after the great flood deluge, goes to the americas and is called by name winged serpent ( the DNA symbol of two entwined snakes (medical symbol) Designing of the pyramid of Atlantis and the Atlantis Crystal off Bimini under the sea. Responsible for the Mayan,Astec civilizations of the Americas and South Asia 

The Pyramids – Built by the ANUNNAKI designed by Ningishzidda

Ekur - House that is like a mountain, (created after the great Flood deluge)The great pyramids are called 
Enki to Enlil words of sugestion said: When in future days it will be asked: When and by whom has this marvel been fashioned. 

The sphinxs – Let us beside the twin peaks a monument create, the age of the lion let it announce’ the image of Ningishzidda
(Quetzalcoatl), the peaks designer, let it be faced. Later Marduke refaced the spinks in Nabu’s image claiming the land. 

The Face on Mars – Alalu -They covered the cave with stones; The image of Alalu upon the great rock mountain with beams they carved. They showed him wearing an eagles helmet: his face they made uncovered. Let the image of Alalu forever gaze toward Nibiru 
that he ruled, toward the Earth whose gold he discovered. (the Face on Mars) 

Giant stone blocks – a Landing Platform for celestial chariots moved by the Skyships also - The Jupiter Temple of BAALBEK LEBANON 
The Landing Place of the Cedar Mountains (fourth tablet) 
Enlil in his skyship the extent of the Edin was surveying 
Of the Mountains and rivers he took account, of valleys and plains the measures he took. Where a Landing Place to establish, a place for the rocketships, he was seeking. Enlil, by the heat of the sun afflicted, for a place of coolness and shade he was searching. To snow-covered mountains on the Edin’s north side he took a liking, 
There above a mountain valley with power beams the surface he flattened. Great stones from the hillside the heroes quarried and to size cut. To uphold the platform with skyships they carried and emplaced them. With satisfaction did Enlil the handiwork consider. A work beyond belief indeed it was, a structure of everlasting! 

The Obelisk - An original Monument by The Anunnaki documented in the Tablets. 

Asia Pyramids and Mayan Pyramids ( America's ) –  Ningishzidda or Thoth or Quetzalcoatl called the winged serpent

The Anunnaki toiled the Gold mines for 80 shars over 300,000 years before creating primative worker helpers in thier image and thier likeness. 

(Quetzalcoatl) engineers Anunnaki male human essence DNA with the oval egg of Homoerectus female in a vesel made from the clay of the Earth (like test tube baby) and inserts it into the womb of Ninmah(Ninharsag). Ninmah gives birth to Adamu. Same thing but for a girl, Enki inserts it into Damkina(Ninki) (Enki's spouse,Alalu's Daughter) 

Damkina gives birth to Tiamat. ADAMU & TIAMAT the models, created in the Anunnaki's image as helpers(not slaves). The diverse Human Race of Earth. 

Adamu's birth - Shaggy like the wild ones he was not, dark black his head hair was, Like dark red blood was its color, like the clay of the Absu(Africa)was its hue. They looked at his male hood: Odd was its shape, by a skin was its forepart surounded, Unlike that of Anunnaki malehood it was, a skin from its forepart was hangin! Let the earthling from us Anunnaki by this foreskin be distinguished! so was Enki saying. 

Tiamat's birth - by C-section - Ninmah, the lady whose hand wombs have opened, with a cutter an insition made. Her head was covered, on her hands protection she wore; With dexterity the opening she made. her face at once was brightened: That which in the womb was from the womb came forth. A female! A female birth was given! to Ninki with joy she shouted. 

The newborns visage and limbs they carefully examined, Of good shape were her ears, her eyes were not clogged; her limbs were proper, hindparts like legs, foreparts like hands were shaped; Shaggy she was not, like beach sands was the hue of her head hair, Her skin smooth was, as that of the Anunnaki in smoothness and color it was. Ninmah the girl child held in her hands. She slapped her hindparts; Proper sounds the newborn uttered! To Ninki, the spose of Enki, she the newborn handed, to be suckled, nourished, and raised. 

The DNA branch of long life like Humans of Nibiru was not given. 
The DNA branch for procreation was missing too. Not procreating, so in a surgical genetic procedure, from the rib of Enki and Ninmah, Ningishzidda
(Quetzalcoatl) extracts the two missing branches of d.n.a. for procreation and inserts into the rib of Adamu and Tiamat. After, they do procreate. 

In now knowing procreation they cover themselves with loin cloths. No longer naked, Enlil walking in the Edin sees this and exiles them out of the Edin to the Abzu with Enki. 

The descendants of Adamu and Tiamat earth humans toiled the gold mines for the Anunnaki humans and the gold brought back to Nibiru Was healing the breach in their atmosphere and would need replenishing every shar close to Earth from Nibiru's close disturbances with our planet. 
Enki would invent and create mining machines and tools, skyships whirlwinds(helicopters),celestial chariots, and later two robotic androids to save Enlils granddaughter inanna. He also fashions Enkidu an android protector and double of Gilgamesh. 

Enki took his son Marduke to the moon to see if it was fit for a way station and stayed long enough to map out the constellations of Astrology. It is a big reason why they put Earths moon and the sun as part of a 12 planet family. 

The Anunnaki Leaders are each given one of the 12 signs of Astrology. Later to Earth Humans The 12 Anunnaki Leaders are known as the names of the Egyptian and Greek Gods. 

A shortage of food was the reason for Enki's plan to bring forth Civilized Man to Farm and Shepard. 
Enki Fathered Adapa and Titi from two beautiful Earth humans named Dawn and Dusk for the births happened on the same day. 

Adapa was taken to Nibiru to meet Anu the King. 
Adapa and Titi had Twin boys Ka-in and Abael. Ka-in farmed and Abael was a Shepard. The grain and ewe sheep were brought from Nibiru. Later Ka-in and Abael had a fist fight. Ka-in picked up a stone and repetedly hit him. when he saw the blood gushing he called out Abael my brother! but it was too late. Ka-in stayed next to his brother crying. Titi in a dream premonition saw Abael's blood in the hand of Ka-in and awakened Adapa and went to thier sons. 

Enki angered exiled Ka-in to the land of wandering with a sister Awan, and was taken across the great sea to the Americas. before going there Ningishzidda
(Quetzalcoatl) altered and changed Ka-in's life essense(d.n.a) so that a beard should not grow(the mark). Let ka-ins descendants be distinguished (no beard). Natives from The Americas,  A Human Race that grows No Beard. 

The Stone Pile Burial Mounds – An ANUNNAKI burial custom, ABAEL also buried this way. - Buried in a grave under a stone pile Enki showed Adapa and Titi the Anunnaki burial custom.

Adapa and Titi had Sati (seth) later to replace Abael 
in all they had thirty sons and thirty daughters 
Sati's first born son was Enshi, 
Enshi's first born son was Kunin, 
Kunin's first born son was Malalu, 
Malalu's first born son was irid, 
Irid's first born son was Enkimi (Enoch), 
Enki took a liking to Enkimi and taught him the stars and was taken on a celestial journey with marduke to the moon through the heavens solar system and stayed on Mars to the end of his days with marduke who was comander of the Anunnaki on mars called Igigi. 
Enkimi's first born son was Matushal, 
Matushal's first born son was Lumach, 
Lumach marries Batanash, a daughter of Matushal's brother. 
Lumach's wife Batanash had a son, 
Ziusudra (fathered by Enki) 
White as the snow his skin was, the color of wool was his hair, 
Like the skies were his eyes, in a brilliance were his eyes shining.(blue or albino) 
(description at birth similar to jesus but will be the one to build the ark and be saved with his family from the Deluge (flood of Noah) 

The fallen Angels Story ( like The Book of Enoch ) 
Later 600 Anunnaki on Earth. On Lahmu (Mars) 300 as a way station for the gold to Nibiru. Shamgaz, leader of 200 of The igigi (Anunnaki on Mars), 
descended to Earth to a wedding of Marduke and Sarpanit, a daughter of Enkimi(Enoch), an Earth born woman. After the ceremony the 200 igigi abducted women and demanded the same to have wives and have offspring with them. 

Galzu- is a white haired Anunnaki emissary of king and council stepping off a celestial chariot he tells the two Enki and Enlil clans that they are used to the Earths short life cycles and lesser gravity and would die shortly if they went back to Nibiru. He also apears in a dream to Enki with a tablet of a blue print of the Ark for Ziusudra to build and save himself his wife,three sons Shem, Ham,Yafet,their families, and all the animals and DNA. Enki awakens to find the tablet has manifested and is with him. Not breaking an oath not to tell anyone of the coming deluge by Nibiru's coming and gravitational pull causing this event, Enki speaks to Ziusudra through a reed hut leaving the tablet to find. 

The Deluge Flood of Ziusudra ( Noah ) 
Nibiru's gravitational pull caused the Antarctic ice sheet to slide into the sea causing a Super Tidal Wave to sweep over the Earth. Then the ice Crystals over the stratosphere that blocked cosmic rays at that time melted and it rained for 40 days and 40 nights. 

The Anunnaki taking off circling the Earth on thier Celestial Chariot sky ships to outwait the flood. Marduke, Sarpanit, 2 sons, and The igigi Anunnaki and Thier families, on Lahmu (Mars) outwait the deluge. Nannar request to outwait the Deluge on Kingu (the Moon). 

Ninagal selected by Enki to join Ziusudra to navagate the Ark to the mountains of Arata(Ararat), bringing with him the life essences DNA and life eggs of the animals collected by 
Enki and Ninmah in a box of Cedar wood. 

Also across the great sea descendants of Ka-in (American Indians)Survived the Deluge on Rafts built. Two brothers and two sisters were the leaders. By the will of the Creator of all, mankind was to survive. 

After the Deluge The Anunnaki Build the Pyramids and the Sphinxs designed by Ningishzidda
(Quetzalcoatl). Sons of Marduke, Asar and Satu marry two daughters of Shamgaz, leader of the igigi clan. Satu, jealous of his brother has Asar killed and Asar's wife Asta impregnates herself with Asar's seed having Horon. Horon grows up to be a Hero and defeats Satu in battles and vanquishes him. 

The other Anunnaki igigi advance too close to the gateway of the celestial chariots (remember Elijah was taken into a FIERY FLYING CHARIOT.) so Enlil sends his son Ninurta to build a new gateway across the great sea. (the Nazca lines of the Americas) 

Galzu again appears to Enlil in a dream to chose a man to be saved (a descendant of Shem(Ziusudras first born), named IbruUm (Abraham) from a calamity. A war amongst the Anunnaki themselves, Inanna against Marduke for causing of the death of her love Dumuzi. The weapons of terror never reach mardukes domain. 

She of Enlil's clan, he of Enki's clan. But Marduke jealous of younger Dumuzi of ruling later instigates him. He runs away falling into a river rappids and drowning. inanna battles him to the Ekur(pyramid), he seeks refuge inside. Her beam weapons reflect off the smooth sides of the early Pyramid. Now Marduke trapped inside, Ningishzidda the Pyramids designer makes a way to free him and he is exiled across the great sea with Sarpanit and Nabu his son. 


Later Anu comes to Earth and pardons Marduke to return. Later still wanting power Marduke takes land, shows his followers stone brick making and Builds a tower. Marduke is building An unpermited gateway to heaven.(a stargate). If this we allow to happen, no other matter of Mankind shall be unreached. This evil plan must be stopped! Ninurta said; all with that agreed. It was nighttime when the Enlilite Anunnaki came, From thier skyships with fire and brimstone the tower they rained and destroyed. The followers they spread across the land. Enlil in each region and every land the people a different tounge he made to speak. a different form of writing he made that the other would not understand. 

Marduke advances to claim the land of the Pyramids and for sake of peace Ningishzida(
Quetzalcoatl) leaves to the Americas were he is known as winged serpent(DNA symbol).

The Final Calamity. 
Marduke continues to take land with his son Nabu to the place of thecelestial chariots. Two sons of Enki and Enlil unleash weapons of terror to the site but the fallout evil wind sweeps over the land of sumerians, ending all life there. The Anunnaki leave in thier skyships and go to other parts, and an underground subteranian tunnel world away from cosmic rays. The weapons of terror never reach mardukes domain. 

King Anu from Nibiru not knowing of Galzu, made them all realize that Galzu may have been an emissary of The Creator Of All. That it was their destiny to come to Earth and give birth to Humanity. That they were all unwitting emissaries. The guardians to protect all life on Earth. As we are here now to protect and preserve life.
The guardians from The Creator Of All.
- Anuatlantian