Memories from my FRIENDS

Jun 22, 2013, 10:37 AM |
Once in every life someone comes along.....they make your life wonderful even in a very short time.
dahousecat....I will remember him as a writer. He has a lot of stories. He's so sensitive inside. Thanks Chi for being a friend.
supersupersuperjay....Jayson you always make me smile. You're jokes make me happy. You're so happy go lucky to be with. I'm glad that you are my friend.
Pierino..... the youngest player I'd ever met before here in learned a lot from you. You always shared to me everything you learned. Thank for being a young friend to me Marco.
torenvalk.....we became opponent at 22nd Tournament 1000-1200. You're the first member of our group i befriended. and I never regret to be your friend coz you're always there for me. Thanks Martin.
yuri77.......I'm so new here when we became friends.....but you're always there for me until now. When I need to practice...even if we play 5 or more games in helped me. The silent type friend. Thanks Yuri.
Viperone.....another opponent I befriended....and the most supportive one. You always busy but you never forget to say hello. The one who make me blushed also.....thanks for knowing you Victor. will always be my friend here and in facebook. Being a good listener when I want to asked or talked anything....please come back the old Alex i knew. Val Kilmer. He is so sweet.....always my friend....but sometimes......i did not know what to think. Maybe you're so outspoken Gerard. 
Marko're not here in anymore...but i'm still your friend in FB. All my friends in FB wow about you...because you speak fluently on Filipino language. You're so handsome and sweet.Maybe one day I'll fall for you.....for now you are a special friend.
Mister_X_Pocket.....Hello Jason.....We really do not play right now. I remembered when you let me win 10 consecutive games to be my friend and know me. After that I did not win a single game with you when you are concentrated. I will never forget you Jason.
ChessGameSpoiler.......sometime I thought you know me more. You're so mysterious and that's why I want to know you more. When I  needed you you're always willing to help. You're so smart. Thanks for being a friend CGS.
vance917.......Vance you're so different to others. Sometimes Im confused what you want me to be. I know that sometimes you are only want me to be strong. Why you want me with leather skirt? 
Demolisher95....Bojan for me you are a friend. I knew that everytime I asked you a favor you're always there for me. Thanks for the supports. Wishing you that all your dreams come true. I want to see you being chess grand master someday. Keep up the good work.
Chinchin120.....Hello Chin. One of my best player. You're always there for me...willing to help and support me. Even if you have a lot of games and want to decrease it......when Im asking're ready to help. Im really glad to know you. You're so sweet...never forget to say hello to me.
playmenow....we're not friends anymore....maybe because Im not finishing right away our games. Maria I'm so sorry. You're the first woman I befriended here. Im happy to know you. Until're still i can trust. Thanks for knowing you.
Raymond_2012.....Raymond you're always sweet and thoughtful to me.....before you never let a day go by....without asking me how I am? You're always there for me. Thanks for Chasing cars.
alanpoon...Lingling, you're my kid brother here. You never stop challenged me...even if you lose. I love you kid brother. I'm happy to know you......thanks for your care and love.
dsmooth41.....Donnie....a good player, always won for our team. You're sweet and make me smile. a real friend.
SafariQueen.....Steph thanks for being my friend. Im really lucky to have you. You help me a lot being an admin. You supported me and helped me until now....when I did not know what do. 
NK5K.....Luke knowing you is one of the best thing that ever happen to me. I saw how stronger are you. You make me also scares for your own good. Im really happy when I saw you being carefree. I hope that you keep your promise that Im the other one who will have your first book when it will publish. I'd missed you Luke. Where are you now? I hope you're still ok.
kimkostas.....Hi Manuel. Im really happy when we played and chatted...most especially when you want me to speak and understand portuguese. Even if I used translator....I enjoyed being with you. You're so sweet. 
Teo_ .....Ohhhhh my Boss in CSR. A confidante, a friend, a mentor.....someone who believes in me. Never leave me when I need him. The one who comforting me when Im not sure what I did or what I will do. Thanks for the support......Im happy to be your partner in CSR.
DoubleBruce.......Ooh Bruce.....Im glad you became a part of my life. I know also how you like my glad for that. All the really happy. About the boat.....remember that? about when you asked me if we stranded somewhere what will I do?
Being in the back of pick up and watching stars....a ride in make me smile for imagining that. Thanks. pictures......only a name. Dan thanks for being in my life. Even if you're not here in, you still supporting email me......just to know what happen to my games? to me? You always supporting me to what I do or what I want. Always giving me advice. I know someday I will meet you and know you personally. Take care.
pduro......Paulo you're the first man i met here. The closest one. The one I took as a shield for my ex. You always make me happy.
The only person so important in my life. The one who taught me that I can love again after what i'd been. The one who helped me play 960 for the first time even if you did not want that game. You're the one I depended when something go out of hand. Thanks for coming into my life. 
To all my friends thanks for being in my life....thanks for knowing all of you.....You make my stay here in exciting and memorable.
a song for all of you......