My Christmas Greeting to all of you!!!

Dec 23, 2013, 7:07 PM |

To all my friends, team mates, acquaitances.....this is my greetings to all of you!!! A years passes by so fast. Its been a wonderful year for me as an admin and SA to "Chess Star Resort" and as an admin to "Ladies and Gentlemen's Club" and " A Chess Mind". Knowing all of you makes me happy coz you're all became a part my life. You've make my staying here in wonderful and full of challenges. I did not know that It would happen to me when I first joined here.......I'd only wanted to play chess, tried if I could play to anybody......instead I'd found a lot of wonderful people here.....who'd helped me to be more approachable and spirited. I will not mention who they are......they'd knew who are they!!!!

Once again.....