"Chess Game Spoiler"

Sep 9, 2013, 7:18 PM |

Well I do this blog for a very special friend.

For me "He" is a real gentleman. A nice to be with. A very smart person. A principled man. A hard working human being. A good and sweet kind of friend. 

I felt really sorry that he leave his groups.

I'd met him as a member in Chess Star Resort. He always had greetings for CSR profile page even if he's busy. Then we'd met again being me as a member of Powerful Pawn. He convinced me to joined in PP forums. I enjoyed playing with them in "Answer a question with a question", "Chemical Reaction" and many more topics in PP"s forum. I'd met Sunny (ilkchs) because of him.

Being CGS's friend....I'd enjoyed every minute with him. The teasing, playfulness and naughtyness mood of friendship.

He always there for anybody who need his help. He always willing to help even if he is not oblige to.

I know that before leaving all his groups...we had a misunderstanding. He saw how being emotional and sensitive I am.

Maybe we have a lot of differences.....in principles, beliefs and customs.....but my friendhip with him will never go. I will never ever took back my friendship with him. He is one of my closest real friend here.

He is the second person who greeted (Sorry CGS for being honest) me very early on my birthday. There's only 2 of them who knew when is my bithday. 

Maybe I do this blog.....because I'd really missed him.

This song for you CGS...


For all of you who will read this blog.....you can also comment about CGS....you're welcome here.Smile