Used to love....

Used to love....

Sep 9, 2015, 11:54 AM |
Dear Readers,

Im here again with my latest topic. "Used to Love".

Every one of us fall out of love. There's someone in our past that we used to love. It is true love or a game......but it happened.

The questions are:

How deep we fall in love to that person???? What and Why it lasted???? How deep we hurt that person or How we badly hurt????

Let's say that we only human......we fall in love and fall out of love....but the memories still linger on even if we tried to forget it.

It’s interesting to think about how we make people who used to be everything into nothing again.

We often hear about heartbreak from those mercilessly dumped by the “one” and left for dead on the side of the proverbial highway of love. Their stories seem to be everywhere; there’s no lack of wordiness surrounding the disappointments of having your heart broken because someone didn’t want you anymore. The same story is sung over and over like a bad Top 40 radio jam.  

To be very happy is to have experienced much sadness. In fact, it isn’t possible to experience true happiness unless you have a true understanding of what it means to be miserable. Knowing happiness is to only know one side of the coin; knowing sadness means gaining a new appreciation for the whole thing entirely.

Too many people, even those we at one point deemed to be very important to us, become strangers. When our lives revolve around someone, they don’t just stop doing so even if all that’s left is some semblance of their memory. There are always those bits that linger. The memories that are impressed on the places you went and the things you said and the songs you listened to remain.

The thought alone is depressing. Love has to die for it to have any value – just as we, ourselves, have to die in order to have importance. You will one day look back with tears in your eyes at the shadows of the people who made you......YOU!!!

Once love is lost, it’s lost forever. The only thing to do is cry until your tear ducts are empty, scream until your throat is hoarse, lie in bed in the throes of darkness until you feel light again.The only thing left to do is to understand that this is a freedom all on its own and what must be, will be done.

We all start as strangers, but we forget that we rarely choose who ends up a stranger too. The choices we make in terms of love are usually ones that seem inevitable anyway. We find people irrationally compelling. We find souls made of the same stuff ours are.

These people may no longer be parts of our life. They may no longer even exist, but the love still does – even if in a slightly different form. Feel the pain that those memories bring and then turn the coin over.

No one walks away from a breakup unscathed. No one walks away without bruises and scars. You felt vacant. You felt empty.  It would broke your heart. It slips away so quickly that we'd tried desperately to hold on.
Somehow, someway life will go on.

Thanks for reading this blog. Hoping you enjoy every minute of reading it.