What's inside in our heart????

What's inside in our heart????

Feb 9, 2014, 10:43 PM |

It is a Filipino song.....but its really good.....here's the translation.

I hope you will like it.

Even for one second

What about this heart of mines
Now that you left my life?
Just when the sun shined
and my world was a joy.

What about my tomorrows
Now that you're gone from me?
What about the wishes, the promises from one another?

I hope I can see you again..
Feel the beat of your heart.
I hope you'll hug me again..
Even just a moment..
Even for just a second to hug you.

My heart quickly abandoned.
The one you left that is now alone.

I hope I can see you again..
Feel the beat of your heart.
I hope you'll hug me again..
Even just a moment..
Even for just a second to hug you.

To hug you..

There's a lot of words inside our heart....some left unspoken.....some we said it to a wrong person....some we did not mean it. But its still in our heart!!! Why? How? What? The only thing I know is....because we felt it....nobody taught us about it....but our heart knew it.
Here some words or quotes we can relate.......
Have a nice time reading my blog..........

"I don’t know if you understand how much I love you. How much I need to believe that we have a chance. How much I can create by loving you. How much we can create together. How much I am in love with myself when I’m desperately in love with you. The words flow effortlessly. The creativity becomes second nature. When I allow myself to go crazy over you, my life become worth living. My work becomes worth sharing. This language of feelings and emotions and abstract mist inside my mind and inside my soul is fluent in the language of love when I direct it towards you. This intensity is something that I have trouble sharing with anyone else. I am willing to risk those fears for you. Everything else seems...mundane. Ordinary. But loving you.. is beyond my wildest dreams, beyond the scope of the largest telescope...an endless effortless weightless flight from one beautiful shinning idea to the next...it makes the ordinary life of ours extraordinary." 
"Its been so long since I've seen you face. Since I've held your hand. Since I have been in your grace. The memories are fleeting and hardly leaving a trace. Where have you gone beloved friend of mine? Have to found your soul? Did you find it in time? Do you plan to return to my side someday? Will there ever be a time when we can laugh and play? I'm holding onto faith that I will see you again. That I will kiss your face and we can play in the sand. Make sand castles and moats, just you and me...smiling as the tide washes it to sea. I don't know what comes next for us, my beautiful and cherished friend. All I know is it feels like a bend, in the road of the past and the future ahead. But maybe I'm just tired. I think I'll go to bed. Lovin' you."

What is it to love someone. To love someone who you cannot see. To love someone you cannot touch. To love someone who lives across the span of space when you cannot hear their voice. To love someone so deeply, that in spite of the daily reminder that they are doing their job, that they are living the life that they always wanted and it doesn't include you. To love them because they followed their dreams, to love them as they followed their dreams. To support them in silence, in prayer, wishing that someone somewhere who was where they were would be there to help them through their hard times, even when you wish it was you. Baby, I wish I could be there. I wish I could help you, to stand beside you, to wake up to your face in the morning. I wish I could be there every evening when you got home from work. That you could share your fears, that I could hold you and help you overcome them. I wish I could be your somebody. The one you turned to. Not because you needed me, not because you had to have me, but because you wanted to."



I was once 
A box of matches
I could light
The fire 
And warm the city
But the city 
Used me
Piece by piece
Until I was left
An empty box
Hole on the inside
But with the body
Capable of sparkle
If only there was one
True match
To use me
For a greater purpose...

~ Lulu 
Photo: I was once  A box of matches I could light The fire  And warm the city But the city  Used me Piece by piece Until I was left An empty box Hole on the inside But with the body Capable of sparkle If only there was one True match To use me For a greater purpose...  ~ Lulu  © Lulu's Secret Desires


"I don't want to spend my life wait for someone, who cannot guarantee that he's coming home. To sit and wait inside the torture that...if this journey is our destination...then our destination is to have a tragic love that will never be resolved. That we will forever have the memories of what once was, clinging feverishly to the hope that one day we will be in eachother's arms again. But he never talks about that, only tells me to wait. To wait just a little bit longer. But I don't know what I'm waiting for and I feel he's playing a sick joke. A joke to see how long the stupid girl will wait while he walks away. Just so he has the comfort to know that someone will always be waiting for him to come home."


"I'm so sorry. I wasn't there when you needed me. I wasn't aware I needed you. I lost my moon while you were counting the stars. And now, I'm left missing you."


"You told me the other night that it was hard to be my friend. That I've had too much pain in my life that it's too heavy to console me and be there for me day after day. I know this and I have spent my life carrying these burdens, if you want to be mine, you have to understand the weight you are helping to carry. If it is too heavy, well, I must carry it myself. Thank you for helping me carry the sorrow for a short time as it has been. You've been there for me, in ways I had never imagined." 


"I'm leaving. I'm leaving the ideas that hold me back behind. I'm leaving the notion thatI can change your selfish ways, your need to have control over things that will make you more comfortable. I'm leaving behind the reminder that heart ache is different than heart break. I'm leaving behind the jealousy that I feel when you still choose to break your heart over and over, she leaves you every time, when mine aches for only you. I've packed my bag with the beautiful memories of how I wish to live. I'm leaving behind the grasping need to want something you can't give."

"Truth is...I dream of how I could jump and leap across time and place to be in your arms, together create, something bigger and better then before, I can't stop thinking that I want you more. I don't know how, I don't know if you would too. Truth of it all...I miss you. Life has been mixed up and flipped all around. Somedays I don't feel like I know which way is up and which way is down. Spinning through life in the crazy circles of love, not be able to have the one that fits like a glove. The one that compliments me like a puzzle piece for my picture, the one that helps the gears function, the major mechanics for the mixer." 


If I could, I'd leave this place.
Get on a bus or even a train.
I'd spread my wings and pretend 
I could fly.
We would fantasize of being Wendy
and Peter Pan for a while.
I would go anywhere,
somewhere with bright lights.
Somewhere where I don't know anyone.
And nobody knows who I am.
I would make new friends.
Start all over again.
From beginning to end.
I'd leave this place, if I could.

- Jennifer Marie


It's not just about "Valentine's Day".
Love should be shown in each and every day, in a million little ways.
Love is not only shown by words, but in actions;
But sometimes .... it is really important to tell the people you
Love how much they mean to you. Its such a beautiful Gift ..
A lot of Hearts are broken - By Words left unspoken

Happy Valentines Day!!!!