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Who is Me in your EYES?

Who is Me in your EYES?

Aug 5, 2013, 4:06 AM 88

In Chess.com I'm theresamiranda13....that's my username! They call me Maria, Theresa or Miranda

I have a lot of friends here. I treasured them......they make me happy, excited, energetic and I learned a lot from them. I have also  teammates.Being in 56 groups.....WOW!  Some wants to know me better. Some do not care.  

I received a lot of challenges even if Im not really that good in Chess. I enjoying mostly my games....most especially the group matches games. I'd met a lot of people there....some intimidating...some interesting...some fun to chat and play with...some rude and nothing   inside their heads only sex even if they lose their games...they thought that a woman here is a sex object.

But for sure Im really happy to be a part of this site. Being a members of different team, an admin and now an SA to Chess Star Resort. I know that I'm really different than in my real world.

"Can you tell me what do know about me? What I am to you? How did you know me?"

I want to know who is theresamiranda13 to you?Wink

Thanks for reading my BLOG. I hope you will answer my question.Smile


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