Breaking Boundaries

Oct 21, 2009, 12:33 PM |

I found the COOOLEST site the other day.  I dont' even remember what it was I was lookng for.  But it's called The Hip-Hop Chess Federation which was originally based out of San Jose, CA but has slowly emerged into an international phenomenon.  Now, this is the AWESOMEST thing ever.  They teach kids who would have basically never thought of touching a chessboard how to play.  Granted, they incorporate music and martial arts as well as chess to promote unity within their community. 

They just had a tournament last weekend that sounded really cool.  It involved all of the members of Wu-Tang Clan (who are avid chess players).  Exposure to something early on is key.  Especially chess.  It builds confidence and deeper thinking.  This club basically puts a new face on one of the worlds' oldest game.  WHICH I <3 <3  <3.   Perhaps the next generation of chess players will be able to show the world what an awesome, fun, and intense game it is. 

Well--that's my hype for the day!  Catch ya later :)