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    • Confessions of a Chess Addict: Blinded By the Knight

      Went over some old games of a friend tonight.  Took me a while to see why this was a forced draw... | Read More

    • Confessions of a Chess Addict: Fumbling Towards Fide

      Original entry date 13 April   After all of these years, I'm finally flirting with the fact that I need to seek out some "real people ratings".  Playing on line for fun is a marvelous thing, but I'm now finding that when people hear ... | Read More

    • Confessions of a Chess Addict: I, alone

      Original entry date 10 April 2015   It's 3am and I've found myself craving a face to face game of chess. Unfortunately, since my transcontinental "visit" (which I might say is a joke because my time in the US has far outweighed visit stat... | Read More

    • Confessions of a Chess Addict: Learning from a Master

      There was a time when I would talk to various players, learning from their sage wisdoms and philosophies. I totally forgot that I had this, lol interesting to hear this 4 years later.  National Master, Mike Petersen. | Read More

    • Chessboxing

      Chessboxing seems to be a sport that I could be into.  The only problem is finding a club or group of people that do this.  Finding women to compete in this sport is another challenge.     Have you witnessed a chessboxing m... | Read More

    • Confessions of a Chess Addict: Chess and Tattoos

        I have met people who are obsessed with chess. I've also met people who are obsessed with tattoos.  We think about our next move and our next mate.  They think about their next design and placement.    So, I'm t... | Read More

    • Confessions of a Chess Addict: I'm not a donkey!

      After my last post, I decided to play more turn based games instead of the live chess games that I adore so much.  I thought that this would help me slow down, take my time, and really assess the moves that I make.   Boy, was I wrong. ... | Read More

    • Confessions of a ChessAddict: I'm Nervous

      Gonna play some face to face games with a friend later this week. I never play face to face.  I have gotten so accustomed to playing electronically that I cannot see basic mating patterns.   In a way, lets say my chess-esteem is a bit ... | Read More

    • Confessions of A ChessAddict: Chess Holiday 2015

      Last summer, a friend of mine, Atilla Turzo, told me about an awesome learning experience and adventure that he had been dreaming up:  giving chess players the opportunity to merge their love of chess with learning from high ranking chess pla... | Read More

    • Totally impressed

      some of you may or may not know, but I teach languages to people all around theworld.  Some are online, some are face to face.  Today, I taught a French kid in Singapore.  I decided to try to sneak chess into the lesson.  We we... | Read More