Confessions of A ChessAddict: Chess Holiday 2015


Last summer, a friend of mine, Atilla Turzo, told me about an awesome learning experience and adventure that he had been dreaming up:  giving chess players the opportunity to merge their love of chess with learning from high ranking chess players and finding out more about different cultures as well as the world around us.  From this dream came his annual CHESS HOLIDAY in Budapest.  

Last summer's pilot had chess players from all over the world playing tourney styled during the day and adventuring around Hungary during the evenings and weekends.

Those of you who know  me know two things:  Kaytie loves to travel. She spends probably 4 or 5 months out of the year going from country to country.  She also loves chess.  I dream chess,  I am always thinking about the next game.  I am horrible at it, yet I love it dearly.  Let's just say if I weren't married to my work, I'd marry chess.  

So, when this opportunity came up to attend the chess holdia, I was like, "Heck to the yes!  I'm heading to Hungaria!"  But then, life happened and I found myself changing flats and taking on major workloads for clients and my summer consisted of me analysing ad campaigns at my desk or teaching kids how to express themselves in English.  No chess was played during the summer.  No holidays were had.  Even weekend outings were out of the question.  The crazy thing was that Budapest was only a few hours by train. close but sooooo far away.



This year, I plan on going.  My goal is to think, dream, and live on the boards.  

I keep telling myself that hard work should be rewarded with hard play.  In this case, hard play= some beautiful looking checkmates.

WIll I make it to Budapest in July?  What am I doing to prepare for this awesome experience?  Am I ready to sit face to face with players from around the world?  

Tune in and find out!  

Guess who's documenting her progresses?  This Veggiegirlie.