Confessions of a Chess Addict: I'm not a donkey!


After my last post, I decided to play more turn based games instead of the live chess games that I adore so much.  I thought that this would help me slow down, take my time, and really assess the moves that I make.  

Boy, was I wrong.

The parameters that I picked were faster than most turn based games.  1 day moves.  This means I have 24 hours to make a move before I time out.  This is perfect for me as I have eleventy-million jobs to do and don't have time to sit behind a laptop making moves.


After my first move I wait.  My opponent moves. Then I see he's left a lovely little message for me.

"move sis."

Wait. whaaa?

Hmm... ok. Maybe I'm on the latter end of the time limits for the day but I clearly have time left before my vacation time kicks in. 

I make a move.

He makes one. 

Ok. Good good. Wait! No. Not so good. I lost my gorgeous queen. 

After a long day at work, I see another message waiting for me.

"move x) "

Is that a dead fish smiley? Really?  Is he REALLY rushing me?  I'm pretty sure that I didn't sign up for a live chess game. 


I've kindly reminded him that I have 24 hours to move. I'm a pretty patient girl, but being rushed just makes me anxious. So now, the question is this:

Do I disable chat? Sure, that's an excellent option. I highly recommend it to players that ask in help & support. Actually, it's my FIRST answer to most things. Many problems can be solved by disabling chat. But, do I want to look like I can't handle the fact that I'm being rushed like a donkey travelling wares through the desert on a Saturday.  Yes. I went there.

Do I tell the guy to chill to the max?

Do I ignore it?

I totally get it.  Some people want a game to finish quickly.  My thing is, if you want a quicker game, play in live.  Your instant gratification will be fulfilled within minutes (or an hour).

I've seen people complain about lower leveled players playing slowly.  That stalling is purposeful.  But, if I'm working, taking care of a house, going to school, solving the national deficit AND shooting satellites into space, don't I get a break?  As long as its within time limits, NBD, am I right?

What are your thoughts?  How would YOU handle the situation? Are you the slower player or the person saying "MOVE MOVE HURRY SCHNELL, MUEVE!"

I think I'll give "dude" another chance.  3rd try and I'll disable chat and after sending him the rules for turned based games.

Hopefullly, it doesn't come down to that.  Now, to rest and relax and regain my composure before I get my study on.

*Currently reading ChessB### by Jennifer Shahade.