Dissapointed? Really? Hmmm...

Feb 6, 2010, 3:32 AM |

Ok, I feel like ranting!

Soooo here goes:

Last night I played some awesome games against a fellow Cakilakian (Mattcurl).  It was great. I thought the moves through and lost the first one due to crazy blunders in endgame and lost the second one due to D/C's.

Afterwards, I went to my inbox to get a message from some RANDOM DUDE saying that he was dissapointed by my ratings, he thought I would be a better player and how he hopes to "teach me some moves" later on today.


Dissapointed?  I'm not dissapointed or ashamed of my ratings. Why should some stranger be?

So, basically, this just reiterates my feelings regarding ratings. Yes, they do reflect your wins and whatnot BUT I've seen ppl whose ratings DO NOT reflect their strengths (and possibly, like me, only their weaknesses).

So, for all of the ppl who refuse to play a person because of their rating or look down upon someone because they are "too low"...I say hmff!


no worries. Really i'm not upset. Just mystefied by the fact that someone actually had the gaul to tell me such ridonkulesness.

Well, I'm gonna take my low rating self and enjoy my Saturday!