Do you Know What Today Is? It's My Anniversary!!! (on

Dec 17, 2009, 3:22 PM |

I'd like to dedicate my blog of the morning to all of my blue ppl on this site :D 


Today marks one year since I've started on this site. I'd wished that I'd blogged from earlier on but hey, hindsight and whatevs. Everything happens for a reason.

I started playing chess as an occupational hazard (inherited chess club at work), was taught by some youngins and needed an outlet and learning resources.  Hence, my membership here.  Along the way a lot has happened.  I've made some awesome friends,  lost a few (I swear captured in some castle somewhere) and seen some ressurect with greater wisdom and knowledge of the game as well as life.

I've moved cross-continent, went from teacher to student, and my world has become rather hectic and crazy (and I love every minute of it).  The constant, however, has been my need to learn more about this game.  It's been a slow process for me.  I will admit that I've been frustrated (yes I said it) and thought that I would be ahead of the learning curve. 

A wise British man told me that chess takes weeks to learn yet a lifetime to master.  An old friend reminds me that I need to practice patience. A witty midwestern student always shares the best resources for learning with me.  His generosity is always appreciated.  

My membership has also made me realize that I can't too frugal.  If I want something bad enough, I might have to compromise sometimes (Top Ramen for a week :).  It's also resolidified my affinities for networking, unity, and politeness.

Overall, I must say that I'm pleased with what this past year has had in store for me chess-wise.

Maybe next year, I'll be on ANOTHER continent with higher rating? Ha ha, I kid.  Actually, ratings to me are just random numbers.  It's the experience of it all that I enjoy :)


Once again, thx for making it fun!  If you see me around, challenge me!!






Song of the day:  Happy Birthday by the Ting Tings!!!!


BTW: That her outfit is SOOO veggiegirlie!  LOL!!