Guess who ordered a chess book!

Oct 31, 2009, 5:59 AM |

Me! Me! ME!!!!

Anyone who has played me has had the delight (and frustration) of partaking in the random dance that I call chess.  BUT, for those of you who actually know what you're doing (and OBVIOUSLY I don't :) you know that chess really isn't random.  Every "person" has a purpose and a place on one of the 64 squares that will make them the star for the moment. 

I knew this but, I didn't know to what extent.  So, after a week of advice from various players and a few LONG games with some really awesome ppl, I decided that it wouldn't hurt to go ahead and order a book (or two, or ten:).

I couldn't sleep last night so I'd logged on in hopes of playing a game.  But then that light bulb went off.  I thoguth to myself, Kayt, WHY play another game and LOSE (your rating is reversing---you're at 400 now).  I have a running joke:  Once I hit 0 can I make it into the negatives?  I'm laughing now but seriously DON'T want to find out. 

So, I thought about wasting a few hours playing games and then I thought about the book that I'd ordered earlier in the day.  I then decided to look up some more puzzles of the day (as I had exceeded my limit here) and found an online resource that stated the history and all things chess. 

I haven't been so excited in a while.  "Wait, what do you MEAN don't double your pawns?"  "Hold on a sec, so that's what they mean by pinning."  "Oh, so I see  why my opponents try to keep their knights midboard.".  I now realize what they meant when several of my opponents had asked me if I knew the rules and objectives of chess.  "Of COURSE I know the rules and objectives!  I'm playing, right!???" I would scoff behind my laptop feeling like a child that had tried to do too much too soon.  My response to them is always graciously , "Yes, I think so."  But secretly I'd always questioned myself.  And now, I know the truth.  Although I know the fundamentals (pawn moves 1 square; bishop worth 3 pts/moves diagonally; capture king;queen is the most powerful) I didn't know WHY some moves are better than others and the purposes behind it all. 

So, it seems like I've got a lot of studying to do.  Hopefully, my confidence levels will rise.  I honestly, don't care about ratings yet but I'd like to at least make my games worthwhile to my opponent. Nothing is lamer than playing someone who knows that they are going to beat you and don't put their all and the oomphf into it.  It's like dancing with a mannequin (and not the one from the movies either).  But then again, they could say the same thing about me.  Nothing is worse than playing someone who is remarkably ignorant about the game and pushes pawns.

and with that, I'll remember what one opponent kept yelling at me after every move that I made in one game this week: 


Yes, I am that weak chess player.

...well, ok.  I'll agree to that.  You've got me.