Guess who's headed to Glasgow!

Apr 3, 2012, 8:22 AM |

So, I'm realising that life is more like a chess game than I thought.  I've spent the last few weeks just reassessign the last few years and noticed that I've been in perpetual check foreeeeever...

...but there are other pieces on the board that haven't even been moved yet...

...and I forgot to castle...

... and I took my queen out too early...

...and I'm a passive player. I don't care for gambits or unnecessary sacrifices.



life is all about gambits.

If you spend too long overthinking your opponents next move you forget what your own objectives are.  Sometimes, I feel I spend my life doing that.  "But," I tell myself, "if he does this, then that will happen-- or maybe not happen.  I'm not sure if he'll do either so I'll just sit around and wait...or not move at all...

then your time runs out. you find yourself sitting there with 0:00 on the clock thinking over the notation in your head.   

DONT let YOUR time run out.



I've got this chance.  This once in a lifetime chance to play a new game on a brand new board.  I hope I remember all of the things that my coaches have taught me.  I hope that I don't play the same boring opening over and over again because it's safe and feels comfortable. 


With that, I'm headed to Glasgow for the weekend.  Where do all the cool kids hang out? Can I  bring my chess set!?  Wink