Hmffff! >:( (Updated)

Mar 12, 2010, 11:11 AM |



I really need to get my ratings up! I'm noticing people on my friends list denying me games cause i'm too low.


Hooooooow dumb!  Well, they should be glad that I dont have a ratings for virtual friendships. Hmmmffff!


And that's my vent for the day.
(Sorry don't mean to be Miss Cranky Pants---just after 5 denials in a row, a girl gets weary).


Maybe its not the ratings, idk whatever it is but its silly nonetheless...

my point is IF YOUR ON SOMEONES FRIENDS LIST, doesnt that mean that you WANNA PLAY SOME CHESS?????????????????????//


Idk, just a thought.


Update:  No, I dont take it personally at all---ok well slightly...its just it makes no sense to have someone on your list and NEVER play them...

AND, if everyones looking for higher rated players (and I'm the lowest) then who is going to play me??


*Sob sob, * hahahahaha!  Yes, I'd like more cheese with that whine.