How to Chess it Up when ya travel...

Jun 27, 2010, 9:41 AM |

is a mayjah question that I have. Been on hols for for a few days and craving some live gameage.  However, it seems that my travelmates aren't as amped up about chess as I am. So, the question is, how do you travel and keep your mind up.  Oooh I know!



It is no secret that I am a bit of a chessophile however, I almost had a cardiac when I found a bookstore in some little town dedicated to books and boards and other paraphanelia.  Unfortunately, they were closed.  :(  Also, I started thinking about some of the greenspaces that I passed thinking "Next time I am around this area a picnic basket and a plastic set shall suffice".  It was awesome when I found an outdoor set and took some fotos.  Before I did, I looked to see if the board was set up correctly and what move should white make next (I know, right?)

I did try to access the site with my mobile phone, however, I could not view the pieces of my online games.  Truthfully, this was the first time I'd ever done this and am not  as technologically savvy (despite my Geek-Girl in progress status) as I'd hoped for.  So, tonight, I shall be reading the forums regarding mobile access and apps so next time I'm away from home I can definately get my game on.


Here's a few pics of a few things that I've done (and a few silly faces I've made)...