Confessions of a ChessAddict: I'm Nervous


Gonna play some face to face games with a friend later this week. I never play face to face.  I have gotten so accustomed to playing electronically that I cannot see basic mating patterns.  

In a way, lets say my chess-esteem is a bit on the low side.  How do you build yourself up when you know that you don't stack up against your opponent?  It's easy to psych yourself up when you cannot see the facial expressions after every blunder or missed move.  

What if you are like me and spacially challenged?  

So, you know my secret.  This is why I've avoided invitations behind the board for the past few years.  I honestly struggle to see tactics, misalign pieces, and end up giving away my precious army to any guy that sits across from me.

Some people say that those who are able to get a good grasp on the boards end up having a good handle on life.  I cannot see this correlation.  But then again, I can't even  see my next five moves (like any good chess player should).

So, my dearies, what would you do?

Do I tell my friend my shortcomings?  Of course, there's no way to be intriguing and skilled enough for a rematch or two.


...since we're friends, I'm sure he won't mind. :D

I'll have to annotate the game. After all, hindsight is 20/20.