Interesting Status Message You've Got There!

Dec 19, 2009, 4:57 PM |

I change my Meebo status the way most ppl change socks.  I know this isn't facebook and no one REALLY cares what I'm doing at 4am in the morning.  However, I have to fullfill my narcisistic nature and update every time I think something excstatic or mind blowing happens---or when I've got a random thought in my head.

"I Swear We Fell In Love, But Not The First Time" -SP


So, my status today was the above mentioned quote.  I got a lot of questions asking who it was about.  I'd just like to clarify that it's about no one actually.  Unless I run into Zach Braff or Zachary Levi on a train in Europe somewhere, my main concerns right now are my writing, and my chess games. 


I did however have an AHA moment while listening to "The Royal We" (2x today actually---once while scribing away at the story I'm writing and another during a lesson).  Hence, my favorite line from my favorite song by Silversun Pickups (whom I know, some might call Smashing Pumpkins, 2.0)

So sorry, there's no dude.  No gossip to be had.  Haha!  I do however have something I'd like to share with you: