I've SEEN the error of my ways...

Nov 28, 2009, 4:12 AM |

I got challenged by  a nice girl this morning.  I didn't realize it was going to be a fast gamE (3 MINUTES).  I never play anything less than 20 usually.  But I took the oppy. (you KNOW I rarely refuse a challenge).  I'm the Marty McFly of live chess (are you calling me chicken??? ha ha ).

So, here's what I did.  Everything went soo fast.  I had to go over this as soon as I was done.

My opening was off.  Move 3 I should have taken her bishop...with it just sitting there waiting to get me, it was a threat.  I just remembered to try to keep control of the center of the board.  I'm not sure if move 6 (Nxg5) is good or not.  I know that I need to develop my pieces before I start attacking (especially PAWNS).  So, WHY did I do this?  Hmmm...

Now I've doubled up some pawns.  This is not good.  THey are weaker this way and I need to keep efile open and ready... hmmm...

Ok--move 10: f4.  I'd like to think this was a decent block against Bh6.  Does she retreat like I think she will???  No, she takes my knight BUT I take her bishop.

OK I'm surprised that by move 12 I've still not developed my rooks, dark bishop or queen....Kayt!!!!!!!! LOL...

...and I've gotten BOLD and hasty with Qh5+.  Sure it looks good on paper but I THINK I've left my queen hanging with no protection or backup and she's too vital to loose. 

Instead of Rf3 I could have Rf7.  If I'mma do it, to it all the way or not at all.  This move to me was just a waste of time in retrospect.

Her queens's got me in check.  So i know either attack, move or block.  I pick move.  I moved to the worst space available--h1.  Which leaves me no room for escape when she Qd1x's me....and gets her checkmate.

Wait a sec---she's NOT going to do THAT because my knight and rook both have d1 protected.  :)

Ok so what's gonna happen next? Qxe4.  NOW that I'm looking back at this game i'm wondering, WHY DIDN"T I TAKE HER QUEEN???????? lol.  My knight had the perfect opp.  I waited 2 of my moves later to finally do that. 

and instead of moving my rook up to d3 i could've moved my knight to make a check or moved my rook to f1 out of her knight's path and in an attempt to get it to row7. 

I ran out of time but was feeling hopeful.

I tell you I usually don't do 3 minute games at all.  I wonder what wouldve happened had it been 30?


Oh well, it was a good game nonetheless. 

PLUS, Regarless of who wins, it's good to see some girls on the boards!  :)