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My 2nd win by checkmate.

Oct 31, 2009, 12:25 PM 3

I played a really good game today (imo).  I thought that I was going to lose on time.  Instead of panicking I kept staring at the center board.  My opponent was good and put up a really good fight.  We have since become friends.  LOL.  She gave me some good advice though.  She said playing unrated will help me in the long run.  So, the irony is that I've won a game by checkmate and my rating is still ridiculously low.  LOL.  BUT, I am so ok with that.  As long as everything is solidifying in my head then it's all good!!!  Ha ha.  Ok.   I tried to remember to keep my knight in the center.  I think that really helped me here.  Here's the game.  Later chess dudes.


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