My Game of the Day/Song of the Day

Dec 5, 2009, 10:24 AM |

I had a good game today with an interesting opponent.  I was motivated to win.  However, I suggest not drinking 4 cups of tea prior to a 30 min game because it just isn't comfortable.  I did however stay focused.


Before I show the game, here's some of what I was listening to:

"Broken"- Seether (Live) f. Amy Lee



YES!!! I know I MISSED mate and blew it.  Nonetheless, here's the game.


I was grateful that my opponent offered me a draw.  However, I was still like "Kayt what did you just do!" LOL


Oh well---no harm no foul.  I can't imagine what this game might have turned out like had I slept in 2 days...