My pseudoversion of a chess based blog

Oct 17, 2009, 1:55 AM |

Ok i feel rested and realize something.  I've been reading other ppl's blogs this am as I drink my coffee and I've noticed that mine isn't really a "chess based blog".  Everyone else's discuss tactics and favorite IM's and books to read and whatnot.  I guess that with my lack of knowledge on the subject (my personal experience is based on what I've learned here and what I've done with my little elem. students) I can't really expect mine to compare to the brilliance and experience of others.  But really, why am I comparing blogs?  Hmmmm....I think that I have issues (lol).

I am off to socialize among the living and to do things like laundry and attempt to watch a movie without subtitles in a language that I'm still trying to understand :|.  Which reminds me,  I should probably tell you all about my first experience with the game chess---with grade 4 students.  That, my friends will be at a later date.

Have a great day today :)  The weekend is among us .