My Ridiculously Late New Years Plans 2011 edition

Feb 14, 2011, 3:19 PM |

ok looking back at my resolutions for 2010 i realized i was a BIT irrational.

This year I have made and plan and am attempting to stick to it:

1.  Get to 1100 chess rating across the board. Thats not tooo hard considering that I can stay within 900.

2.  Pick an opening and study it thoroughly

3.  Go for a run or gym or walk every morning BEFORE chess. Lol. chess has become my wake up and really i should be invigorated physically to stimulate my brain.

4.  Don't go all crazy with course overload at Uni

5.  Surf camp at Moliets :D

 6.  Yoga camp as well :)

(grownups get camps too ya'lls)

7.  Clean my bathrooms every day.

8.  Be less sarcastic

9.  Only speak IRL or type ICL when I've got something brilliant to say

10.  Finish coursework/or plans for work work 2 days in advance


I think these can be done.  I know that if I write them they will come into fruition and I'm more likely to hold them accountable.

Totally semi-non chess related but important to me :)


<3 Peace and rock and roll