Shockingly True. I am SO confused...) aka You can't really win unless you know what it means to win

Nov 1, 2009, 9:56 AM |

I am not afraid to show my ignorance.  I am neither afraid nor ashamed to ask for help or advice when needed. 

So, here's the ignorant veggiegirlie question of the day:

Are you ready?  Ok...well just brace yourself.  I have a feeling that a few jaws might drop and many guffaws and a whole lot of "Is this chick SERIOUS???" are going to be the response when I ask the question that I'm going to ask.

I know how to put your opponent in check. BUT what constitutes a mate?  In other words, how do I actually put my opponent in checkmate? 


YES!  I am seriously asking this question.  AND I'm desperately in need of the answer.  I know, I know....I'm beginning to accumulate the resources to find it myself but I'm starting to realize what type of student I that needs tangible (something that you can hold or feel, real life) evidences. 

So, I played 2 games today and tried my hardest to attempt to get a mate.  I won both due to time HOWEVER, once done, my observers said, Kayt you had plenty of opp. to mate said player.  SO, even though I'm SUPPOSED to be studying for exams and finalizing projects, I decided to go back and review the two games in question.  And, unfortunately, girlie don't see it.LOL

So, I ask you this...take a look and tell me what you see and what I shouldve done differently (look beyond the reckless "opening").  

Here is game #1:


Move 16:  Bg4+ :  Ok so, I’ve got him in check but what should have been done to turn this into a mate?  Since he can’t move to F3 or row 1 then wouldn’t this be considered a mate?  IDK…

Had I not run out of time, if I moved Qf1 would that have been considered a mate? 

I am one confused veggiegirlie…