Social Experiment: My Vow of Silence on LiveChess for 1 hour

Dec 4, 2009, 10:59 AM |

My first social experiment (and not by choice) was to see whether sleep deprivation had any affects on the brain.  After reviewing my homework and chessgames from the last few days, I have come to the conclusion that 2 hours of sleep in 48 hours DOES affect cognitive and fine motor skills.   (Hence the "I wish I were Sleeping Beauty" status on Meebo earlier in the week).  I had to decifer and translate a plethora of labs before resubmittal...and of course, my chessgames show such results.


I have been told that I am rather talkative in Livechess.  The irony is that if you knew me in the "tangible world" you probably wouldn't even look my way.  I blend into walls and am constantly on "stealth mode".  I've had teachers and bosses who have never heard the sound of my voice and friends who overshadow me with their effervescence.

So, I thought to myself, I need to go some time without talking and concentrate on my game.  A friend of mine inspired me for such actions.  He claims that I chat too much during my games.  No one thought I could go an hour (yes one measly hour) without "talking" but I did.  :D 

04.12.09  from 16.30-17.30 Kayt "Veggiegirlie" the Great went silent in LiveChess.  It was odd at first but fun as well.

The only repurcussions that I'd seen are as follows:

A.  It's hard to answer or defend yourself in Mainchat when you've taken on a vow of silence

B.  You have to hold in your excitement when you "hear" great news.

C.  I had a friend that thought that I was mad and ignoring him.

D.  I had an opponent who would not move to save my life in our game.  So, I went to mainchat and posted a (.)  ---which I've found constitutes as talking regardless.  (But seriously a 10 minute break in a 20 minute game? I HAD to do it.)

I did concentrate better on my game.  HHmmmm....maybe I SHOULD keep from chatting... But it was odd as well.  I love the social aspect of having livechess on the site.  It breaks the stigma within the game.  The social interaction with any sport (yes I said SPORT) and game is what brings ppl back for more.  Who am I kidding?  It's the need to WIN and the love of the game that does... LOL.

Well hope to see you then around and if I don't say "hi" to you then it means that I'm probably lost in thought.