Things I Want to Do in 2010 (my lifegoals)

Dec 23, 2009, 3:03 PM |

Here is the start of some of the things that I want to accomplish in 2010.  As I complete it I will check it off of my list :)  You can also follow me on my wordpress to get detailed info regarding said goals :) Ciao---Kayt

My 2010 Goals:  In No Particular Order

___Learn 1 chess opening and learn it inside and out

__Go to Scotland

__Go to Rome

__Visit the Mediterranean

__Buy a new surfboard for the summer

__Become A+ Certified

__Become A certified Group Exercise Instructor

__Speak in German 50% of the workweek

__Run Seattle Marathon (half course) in Nov

__Trailrun in Western NC

__Kure Beach Triathalon

__Visit MaryAnne in NYC with Lily

__Go hiking with Becky

__Visit fam in Central America/Go Zip Lining

__Go to Chicago to see Chris' first art exhibit :)

__Apply for and obtain more scholarships :)

__Get awesome grades!!!

__ Call family weekly

__Lift Weights 3x weekly

__Run at least 3x weekly regardless of weather or mood


I'll add to this as things pop up into my head. I'll also cross off as things get done!