SCID Chess database tutorial basics

Mar 25, 2011, 10:25 PM |

I have struggled to find a good source of information regarding chess databases, how to use them etc.   After playing for a few years, it became apparent that I needed a better way to store and analyze my games.  I would enter my OTB and online games into whatever chess software was the flavor of the month, i.e. Fritz, Chessmaster, and even Chesspad at one point.    But I found it hard to go back and find particular games I had played, or compare them to other games, not to mention keeping track of all those pgn files! 

Chessbase is by far the most popular chess database, but it comes at a hefty price.  

Enter "Scid" which stands for "Shane's Chess Information Database" according to the website.     SCID seems to be a pretty thorough piece of software.  I've heard it said that it lacks little if nothing at all from Chessbase, which I myself have never really used, so I won't insist on that.  SCID is however, absolutely free!  That's a big selling point in my book, especially in this economy.   It also is deep in functionality, and the author makes frequent updates.    Now keep in mind, I am no master, so my Database needs are probably not too demanding.   I merely needed somewhere to house all my games, annotate them adding variations, have the ability to search positions, moves, and possibly compare my moves against what Masters are playing in a given position.   SCID does all this easily, in addition to limitless engines you can install, and even play against them using SCID.   I sense that I have not even gotten close to reaching the full potential of this software.   It really has helped me.

So, if you feel overwhelmed by chess database software, I've created a video showing basic's of SCID, how to simply create a database, and import your game files, and also how to manually enter games.   Very basic stuff I wish someone could have shown me when I was looking for a database.   If it turns out that others find this useful I will make other videos showing how to use more of SCID's advanced features.  So let me know if your found this Video useful or not, and if you care to see more.

The HD setting is recommended for clearlest viewing