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May 1, 2017, 2:59 AM 0

Humphrey Bogart was recognized by the American Institute of Cinematography as the best movie artist in history, but in an interview with Silver Screen magazine on the question of what is the most important for him in life, Bogart replied that one of his main interests is chess.
But then came the era of cinematography and Humphrey goes to Hollywood. Although here, success did not come right away, but already in 1942 he brilliantly played a major role in the film "Casablanca." For this role, Bogart was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor, and the film itself received an Oscar in the category Best Picture of the Year. Interestingly, even Bogart asked his favorite chess game to be used in several episodes of the film.
The same chess episode in "Casablanca" (photo 2), which appeared at the will of Bogart, owner of the cafe "At Rick" Rick Blaine analyzes the option in the French defense. It is interesting that initially the image of Rick was to be embodied by Ronald Reagan (the future US president, then quite a little-known actor)
By the way, the game of chess was not just his hobby. Bogart was the tournament director of the US Chess Federation, participated in the California Chess Federation. In August 1945, Humphrey helped sponsor the Pan-American Chess Congress in Los Angeles and was elected as its chairman.


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