1st Master Death Match & Video Contest Winner!

1st Master Death Match & Video Contest Winner!

Jan 1, 2012, 11:01 AM |

Happy New Year!

2011 was an awesome year here at Chess.com and we got a lot done:

  • A new & improved Live Chess platform!
  • Live Chess tournaments!
  • Tactics tags!
  • Study Plans! (available here)
  • World-wide Chess.com Meet-ups!
  • Live Chess on Android & iPhone
  • Online coaching! (See the Coaches)
  • Brand new Help & Support site!

We were also thrilled to add some wonderful new faces to the team last year! With their help, we're sure that 2012 will be our best year yet! Let's look forward…  

1st Chess.com Master "Death Match" coming January 11th!

Exciting news, chess-fans! We've got a new kind of chess spectacle coming your way in 2012: Master Death Matches will pit two high-caliber players against each other in a merciless non-stop 3 hour marathon of bullet-chess where they compete for a $1,000 prize!  

These epic battles will be fought in the arena of Live Chess and simulcast on Chess.com TV! Our new "grudge match" points feature will show at a glance who's ahead and by how much!

Our inaugural event takes place Wednesday, January 11 at 10am Pacific! And this time, it's personal - because our first two combatants are none other than our own beloved Directors of Content, International Masters David Pruess and Daniel Rensch! It should be an amazing show - don't miss it! 


Site Redesign Update

We are excited to raise the curtain on a new, elegant (gorgeous even) vision of Chess.com! The redesign, now in private beta, has graced every page of the site to make it all a little easier to use and and a lot more pleasant to look at!


As we slowly roll it out to more and more users, we are collecting and addressing dozens & dozens of issues and suggestions, and we're making terrific progress! Look for a fresh new face on your favorite chess site VERY soon!


And the Video Contest Winner is…

We had a lot of fun with this contest! Many of the entries celebrated Chess.com, many made us laugh out loud, several made our jaws drop - and the winning entry did all three! 


Congratulations to vonStroheim for the winning entry: "Chess.com - Your Lover"!! Great job!


(Please note that this video has been age-restricted by YouTube for sexual themes and may be offensive to some viewers...)




Click here to see some of the other very excellent entries! Huge thanks to all who participated!


That's it for today! Happy New Year, everyone!


Make a resolution to track the webmaster in 2012! :)