+ Facebook: Together at last + Facebook: Together at last

Jun 27, 2010, 12:56 PM |

Hi, chess fans!

Well, by now it's probably no secret that we've got something very big in store for users of our Facebook application. 

Till now, there has been a huge wall separating Facebook users from 'real' members, and in the spirit of unity and togetherness we're tearing that sucker down!  Henceforth, users of the Facebook application will be bona fide members of  This merging of accounts will provide some great benefits:

HUGE new value for Facebook users:
For the first time, the new application will include many of features that native members enjoy on the main site.

First and foremost, Facebook users will now be able to play Live Chess - that means blitz or longer games in real time & on the clock, people!  This is one of the most requested features for the Facebook application & we're thrilled about it.

Additionally, the new application will provide access to some other great features for learning & playing:

Tactics Trainer - hone your tactical vision by working your way through thousands of quality chess puzzles to find the best move.  As your skill increases, tougher puzzles will be selected automatically to provide the right level of challenge. 

Play vs. Computer - No friends available to play?  Our computer opponent is always up for a game!

Video Lessons - Get one-on-one video lessons from some of the best minds in chess!  Peruse our growing library of dozens & dozens of videos on Openings, Tactics, Strategy, Endgames, and a variety of other topics - all created by chess masters and grandmasters exclusively for!

(As with the main site, Live Chess & Computer Play are totally free, & the level of access to other features depends on the user's membership type.)

The new application will also be much faster, and for the first time, games played in Facebook will be kept cleaner under the watchful eye of's cheat-detection algorithms.  Finally, you'll now also have access to an ever-growing population of chess enthusiasts (1.5 million and counting), so you can always get a game.

Seamless access to features via Facebook: 
If you're a user of both AND Facebook, you will now be able to use the new application to access all your chess stuff from within Facebook.  Your games, history, tactics, ratings and membership privileges are same-same, here and there.

Until now, if you have used our Facebook application without actually joining, then you've recently had an account automatically created for you here.  And while you don't need to do anything different (apart from enjoying the new features in the Facebook application), you may want to log in to & update your user data (name & email, etc.) once the application has been updated.

Alternatively, if you've been a user of both and our Facebook application, then your accounts will be merged.  (In most cases, this should happen automatically, but you may be prompted to manually perform the merge.)  Your Facebook games will be integrated into your game history, and your online chess rating will either be your previous rating or your Facebook application rating, whichever was higher prior to the merge.

(Please also note that you're not getting any new Facebook friends out of this - unless you want to.  Your privacy and the people who are able to see your personal information on Facebook will remain exactly the same as before the merge.)