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Pawn Structure:Part 1

Pawn Structure:Part 1

Jul 31, 2012, 10:44 AM 0

This next blog is on something amateurs(like me) most likely won`t post on a blog - pawn structure!Surprised You`ll probably need to watch some pawn structure videos from this site to understand it.I`m only doing pawn formations and some general observations.Smile

We all know that pawns are the most immobile piece in chess. That makes the pawn structure relavitely static and largely determines the strategic nature of the postion.(I`m getting this from wikipedia)

Here are some formations that I`ll show you by giving you a link:


Now, here are the names of the formations(of the 16 on the link):

Caro,Slav,Sicilian-Scheveningen,Sicilian-Dragon,Sicilian-Marcozy bind,Sicilian-Boleslavsky hole,d5 chain,e5 chain,King`s Indian-Rauzer formation, King`s Indian-Boleslavsky wall,Queen`s gambit-Isolani,Queen`s gambit - hanging pawns,Queen`s Gambit- orthodox exchange,Panov formation,Stonewall formation,Closed Sicilian.

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