My Games 31/7/2016 - Statics < Dynamics

Jul 31, 2016, 3:07 AM |

Today I played two games, and, they both miserably end up in a loss. Quite expectedly, they both illustrated how sometimes dynamic advantages is a fatal compensation for static ones. Here they are:

31st July

To conclude, in the first game, I was too aggressive when the board tells me to defend. In my previous blog, I can attack when having extra material since my king is safe. In this case, it is suicidal.

In the second game, despite having better pawn structure, I cannot convert it because the white pieces are simply too active. I learned that my defensive skills are not enough. I didn't think that such an innocent pawn grab is the way to defend your king. It is quite absurd. 

Moral: while material and structural advantages are good, if your king is checkmated, then you're lost, and that's that.