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Team / Group Matches (not even)

Dec 8, 2012, 11:18 AM 0

It would be nice to have even match sometimes; such as: (2) 2001 - 2100; (2) 1901 - 2000); (2) 1801 - 1900; (2) 1701 - 1800; (2) 1601 - 1700; etc.. and so on. Of course, being the underdog may be a interesting experience (no real pressure to dominate - so one can relax a bit!?), or, one can show to world how to climb the mountain and reach the top! Anyway, the team or group with the advantage in skill or higher ratings can not wait to pounce on the weaker players. Thus, matches look lobe sided do to no restraints. Time outs are more frequent due to the misalignment (disorder) of ratings or matched up with an opponent not in the correct order based on ratings from highest to lowest!?

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