Turning Point

Dec 15, 2010, 5:50 PM |

Before joining chess.com finding someone to play with was difficult, so, I began playing against computer chess (Chess Titans) and PS2 (Chessmaster). I soon began

 to understand why I use to play so badly. I did not have any, not even, desperate plans of attack or ways of understanding how to obtain an advantage. Too often, I cheated against game systems by aborting the game(s) before I lost. I basically build my skills off of other people's mistakes. So, I wish to share the game below because it has some important principles of play (this was my very first quickie). This particular game was against Chess Titans (the highest level # 10). This level # 10 can beat the average person easily.


Before this game, finding creative moves did not come so easy. This game began as a mistake on white's part, but, it toke quite an effort just to develope my pieces and then formulate an attack strategy. White is a survivor (material was even), and, how I gain this victory was because I understand most of the principles of chess. So, continue to play different levels of skill/opponent, and, embrace of lost games while building  confidence in the won games !